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About us

An annual event which is hosted during the London Pride weekend inside unique venue's across the city.


THE Fashion Show helps to raise money towards various charity groups during each event - hoping to make a small difference  in the community .


Each year models, designers, make-up artists, hairstylists and sponsors come together to put on a show; which the main focus is charity.



Creating a show each year to promote the unity and inclusion through fashion.  We continue to create a unique show which includes male and females of all shapes, sizes, ethnic backgrounds and sexual orienation.


Fashion is part of who were are.  We continiue to strech the boundraies of our shows to include as much diversity as possible.

Our Clothes

We have a wide arrangment of clothes that are showcased from local, provincial, and international designers/stores each year. 



Come Visit​

Keep Checking back for updates on the 2021 Show to be released soon.

We make fashion. You wear it.
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