Take a look through our regular monthly and annual events.  
Thank you for your continued support and We hope to see you out at our next event!
Annual Awards Show


THE RED CARPET GALA, Now into its 8th Year. The Gala brings together people from all over the LGTBQ community to be recognized.

This is a night to thank all of you for the hard work you have done that sometimes goes unnoticed. It is a night to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication that you ALL have given over the years and continue to give.

This is the 8th year of this event. Please stay tuned as more at:

Monthly bingo party


Sex Toy BINGO Mayhem continues in 2020 for another year full of FUN and OUTRAGEOUS surprises... This event is made possible by The Stag Shop, FleshJack Canada, Andrew Christian, The Love Shop and many others. Without their continued support this event would not be possible. If you are looking for a fun night out come check us out:

Annual Pride Fashion Show

It is with enthusiasm that THE Fashion Show undertakes the challenge of being a solely lead by its own creative team. This organization has already established a number of contacts in the city of London and has committed to continue to maintain these relations in the years to come 

This year in 2020 Richard Renaud and the members of THE Fashion Show Team plan to bring London a show to be remembered. Thanks to this team, THE Fashion show will continue to dazzle our loyal audience during pride festivities; 2020 Details will be launched soon - in London, Ontario. 

Pretty In Pink
Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Pretty In Pink is an annual Breast Cancer Awareness event hosted by LGBTTQ  owned and London Ontario based companies The D'Amelio Group and ProjectBE.


The event returns in 2020 for it's 8th year and looks to raise it's support to  $5,000 (an increase of $2,000).

Drag Me To Brunch
To Be Announced


ProjectBE hosts Drag Me To Brunch a Monthly event showcasing a variety of Drag Entertainers during Brunch to help out a charity each month in need.

What A Drag!
Monthly Drag Event

What A Drag! A Monthly series.  The series will showcase talented Drag performers, artists, performers, comedians, and talent from all over Southwestern Ontario.

Check us out online at:


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