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About Us

For the Past 19 years Sex Toy BINGO has happened in London, Ontario. Created by Creative Director Richard Renaud of ProjectBE Event Productions, the event takes the classical game of bingo to a new level.  This is not your typical grandmothers game of bingo!


Come on out as you play a unique, yet non-traditional game of bingo with some very unique twists and rules.  Supported by The Stag Shop, FleshJack Canada,  and various other community sponsors that are awarded monthly.


With the unique concepts that Sex Toy Bingo was founded under, the main purpose of the night is to raise money for charity; Proceeds raised through the night after expenses are given to a variety of charities throughout the year, and we are always asking you what charity you would like us to support.


The cost to play BINGO is FREE.  This is the Orginal Sex Toy BINGO brought to you by ProjectBE Event Productions.  


Check back often for updates!


Our Privacy Policy


We do at times take photos at our events to share online or to share with our sponsors. By agreeing to come to these events you agree to have your picture and/or video taken.  We do also recognize the need that some people may not want their photos taken, and we will take every precaution to ensure we do not use a photo/video of you if you let us know in advance before taking photos.

Our Sponsors


The Stag Shop

FleshJack Canada

FleshJack USA





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