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Customer Service

We look forward to giving you a night you won't forget!

Drop in and play, win great prizes, enjoy the festivities. There simply is NO better way to spend the time on a Friday night. Great for celebrations with friends, first dates, special occasions, or just for the hell of it. 


The best & most outrageous way to spend a Friday Night.


Gather up your friends, or just come on down and meet some new ones.

It's an event you'll not soon forget.


Returns & Exchanges


Throughout the night, if there is an item you do not like that you want to trade in and as long as we have an item of equal value to the prize you were awarded we will do a swap out.  The item must not be opened, or used in order for this to occur.  


You are also more than welcome to trade the item in for a lesser value, if there is something else that strikes your intrest.  Again this is based on avilablity and is not guaranteed.

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